One of the world’s most politically stable countries

One half of the country, situated on the southern tip of the peninsula below Thailand, is known as Peninsular Malaysia. This is where the highest ranked universities in Malaysia can be found, along with the most diverse and vibrant urban areas.

Country’s natural beauty

You’ll discover that the country’s natural beauty extends way beyond its ancient rainforests, national parks and glorious beaches. In the cities too, there’s plenty to keep all the senses occupied, from colorful and varied markets to the mosques, Buddhist temples and Hindu shrines that are often found side by side, and the profusion of annual festivals celebrating both traditional and modern aspects of Malaysian culture.

Branch campuses

Malaysia’s investment in branch campuses has resulted in the new EduCity development in Johor, at the southernmost tip of Peninsular Malaysia, just 5km north of Singapore. Due to be completed in 2018, this 350-acre campus will be shared by eight international branches run by leading universities from around the world.

Some Features that Made Malaysia Unique

One of the best student citie

The laid-back, friendly Malaysians love to socialize and welcome you to their country with a smile.

High quality of life at low cost

There are endless opportunities for adventure-lovers to explore Kuala Lumpur– everything from cultural treats to wellness services.

Climate and weather

Temperatures tend to remain constant all year round. Maximums hover between 31 and 33 °C, while minimums between 22 and 23.5 °C.

Geography and areas

Geographically Malaysia is as diverse as its culture. Situated in the midst of the Asia Pacific region, Malaysia enjoys a strategic location and year-round hot and humid tropical climate.

Transportation and getting around

Taxis are conveniently available in all Malaysian cities. Fares are charged according to kilometers.


Kuala Lumpur is generally very safe for travelers, but be aware of the over-friendly locals trying to con you. Police presence, particularly around tourist areas and at night has increased in recent years. Malaysian law requires that visitors carry their passport at all times.

What you can get from it?

Study abroad in Malaysia at a top-class university

The university offers a vast number of courses taught in English from multiple different fields. Regardless of your field, you’ll be likely find courses suitable for your major in Universiti Putra Malaysia’s vast course offering. Many students studying abroad at Universiti Putra Malaysia major in business, technology, humanities, social sciences, political science and natural sciences.

World Education

One of the biggest benefits that Malaysia offers to international students is world education. Malaysia spends a major part of its higher education investments in growing and strengthening partnerships with foreign universities. A number of foreign universities from Australia, the UK and the US have already opened up branches in Malaysia.

Low Costs

In spite of these remarkable developments in the field of higher education, the university costs remain low. At the same time, it becomes very easy for the international students to study at some of the best universities in the world at a reduced cost.

Excellent Job Opportunities

Many industries in Malaysia are developing at a rapid pace; thanks to the overall development of the economy. This has created a sizeable need for skilled graduates who are willing to work in the country. A significant portion of the Malaysian GDP is composed of industries. The export markets are increasing as well.

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